BELLESA – Smart Touch Hair Dryer2015-03-16

Always wish to have 3 hands to dry my hair up, one hand to pick my hair while the other two hands to hold a comb and the dryer. Knowing my wish is way too far to fulfill, I’d rather choose a smart dryer – the Smart Touch Hair Dryer with touch and go sensor. Since then, drying my hair with two hands is more than simple!

每次吹頭都想有三隻手,一隻手拎起頭髮,一隻手拎梳,一隻拎風筒。既然理想離我太遙遠,就唯有選擇一個智能風筒。Smart Touch Hair Dryer附有觸感開關功能,放低就熄,拎起就開,得兩隻手吹頭都無難度!