BELLESA – “Let’s Party” , Rhythm – 1st Quarter 2015 issue 2015-04-02

BELLESA styling bar creates a new era of blow dry styling idea – No Cuts, No Colour, Just purely focusing on the hair styling, updos, and makeup.

BELLESA styling bar以「No Cuts、No Colour」概念,將早已於歐洲流行的Just Hair Styling + Make Up的概念引入香港,提供專業美髮及化妝造型的一站式服務。

BELLESA styling bar is a place where you and your girl friends can get pampered, and feel good in every occasion. Whether it is for a charity ball, an interview, or just to look good for yourself – sit back, relax and sip on your glass; our passionate styling team will take care of the rest.

BELLESA styling bar也是一個聚會的好地方,無論是三五知己聚舊、小型活動或舉辦party,都可預約包場服務,在輕鬆歡悅的環境內,為您及朋友一起打造時尚美髮及化妝造型。

We offer a relaxing, unique, cozy and private environment for you to enjoy the special new styling experience. You can have a different and confident look in just a click with a complimentary glass of drink. Our special VIP room can also provide you with a more relaxing environment during your styling.